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With a bath, formed in a 30 metre deep cave.

Seni Onsen Kasenan Iwa No Yu

3159 Nirei-chou, Suzaka-shi, Nagano 382-0034

HITOU - Japan Association of secluded Hot Spring Inns
The surrounding of Seni onsen from Suzaka to Sugadaira is wonderful. There is an entrance like an oriental arbor in front of Seni river. Going across the bridge, through areas of lush, fresh greenery is the approach to the front door. The hospitality of the staff, and the preparation of the hotel's dishes could be of the highest quality out of these secret inns. Each room that makes use of the terrace of the mountain is designed like a traditional detached Japanese room, and the Japanese style corridors are elegant and beautiful. The specialty of this onsen is a big bath situated in the recess of a cave. A long time ago, it is said that when someone was digging for minerals, they came across the source of the hot spring. From the rock cliff, the spring water shoots down like a waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall the water is very deep, so please be careful. This is quite simply the most amazing feature of Iwa No Yu - that so much hot spring water is flowing naturally around this area. Because of the high reputation of the inn, it can be difficult to make a reservation, so it is recommended that you book as early as possible.
Inn introduction
Seasons open All seasons
Standard accommodation fee

(per adult, including dinner and breakfast, taxes, and service charge, sharing with two adults)

Single person reservation
JPY 26,000 - JPY 42,000 No
Standard Check-in/ Check-out time Dining Room Breakfast Room
14:00 / 12:00 Japanese restaurant Japanese restaurant
Credit card Mobile Phone Reception Pets
Onsen bath only

(Taking a bath only, day trip)

No Opening hours Adult fee

(including taxes)

Child fee

(including taxes)

 -  JPY 0 JPY 0 It depends
Onsen Tax ('Nyutozei') Adult fee for one night Child fee for one night Adult fee for a day trip Child fee for a day trip
JPY 100 JPY 0 JPY 0 JPY 0
Availability of Touji

(Hot spa cure)

Remarks Our ryokan is at the northern foot of the Sugadaira plateau, and stands all by itself beside a mountain stream. There are few Englsih speakers to assist your stay.
Transport information
Address 3159 Nirei-chou, Suzaka-shi, Nagano 382-0034
Access/by car Drive for about 20 mins from Joushinetsu Expressway Suzaka Nagano-Higashi I.C. on national road 406.
Access/by train Get off at JR Nagano Station and tranfer to Nagano Dentetsu Railway Suzaka Station, take a bus bound for Seni and get off at the last stop.
Car Parking Yes
Remarks for transport information A taxi to the ryokan is a 40 minute journey from Nagano Station, and 15 minutes from Suzaka Station.
Building Wooden building.  2-storey
Guestroom with outdoor bath En suite guestroom Guestroom with rest room Guestroom without rest room Total number of guestrooms
0 rooms 4 rooms 14 rooms 0 rooms 18 rooms
Elevator Air conditioning Heater Restroom Washlet
No Yes Yes Western Style Yes
Disabled facilities Guestrooms Wheelchair Restroom
No  No  No 
Shampoo / conditioner Shower gel / soap Hair dryer Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bath towel Yukata(Bathrobe) TV Razor
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remarks on facilities All of our guestrooms have terraces that bring guests closer to the nature that surrounds our inn. Along with our large cave bath, we have recently organised three reservation-only baths, allowing you to absorb yourself in the full onsen experience on offer here at Iwa no yu.

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