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A hot spring 2000m up in the mountains

Takamine Kougen Takamine Onsen

704-1 Takamine-Kougen, Komoro-shi, Nagano 384-0041

HITOU - Japan Association of secluded Hot Spring Inns
Woken up by the twittering of a bush warbler, you find yourself in a quiet inn 2000m above sea level. When you open the window, a cool clean wind flows through. The green buds of the larch trees are beautiful, and it is so high and so fresh here that air conditioners are not necessary at all. The inn is located at the centre of the Yunomaru Takamine Natural Forest Park, and it is one of the best places for climbing Ike No Daira moor and the peaks of the Asama Mountains. For those guests staying at the inn and not on a day trip, the nature observation tour in spring, and walking on the snow and cross-country tours in winter are very interesting excursions. You might also be treated to an explanation of the stars in the night sky (make sure you study up on your Japanese astronomy terms!). Needless to say, 2000 metres towards the heavens will make you feel as though you could touch these stars. There are two baths and both of them are wooden. From the window of the bath, we can see the Komoro Basin, the Central Alps and the Utsukushigahara plains. Included in the spa is calcium and natrium, and the touch of the water is gentle on your skin. As you soak in the spa, hearing the twittering of the bush warblers and the little cuckoos is a refreshing and revitalising experience.
Inn introduction
Seasons open All seasons
Standard accommodation fee

(per adult, including dinner and breakfast, taxes, and service charge, sharing with two adults)

Single person reservation
JPY 15,270 - JPY 17,430 It depends
Standard Check-in/ Check-out time Dining Room Breakfast Room
13:00 / 10:00 Dining room Dining room
Credit card Mobile Phone Reception Pets
No  It depends  No
Onsen bath only

(Taking a bath only, day trip)

Yes Opening hours Adult fee

(including taxes)

Child fee

(including taxes)

11:00 - 16:00 JPY 500 JPY 400 Yes
Onsen Tax ('Nyutozei') Adult fee for one night Child fee for one night Adult fee for a day trip Child fee for a day trip
JPY 150 JPY 0 JPY 0 JPY 0
Availability of Touji

(Hot spa cure)

Remarks Guests will be charged an extra 1000 Yen heating charge per room, during the winter season only.
A cancellation fee occurs from 1 week before, so please be careful.
7 days before, 6 days before of 10% 5 days before of 20% 4 days before of 30% 40%
3 days before, 2 days before of 50% 60% The day's 70%.
Transport information
Address 704-1 Takamine-Kougen, Komoro-shi, Nagano 384-0041
Access/by car It takes about 40 mins. from Joushinetsu Expressway Komoro I.C. on the 'Cherry Park line'
Winter is welcomed and sent off by a snowmobile more than ASAMA 2000 ski area, 15 minutes.
Access/by train Get off at JR Nagano Shinkansen Sakudaira Station, take a bus bound for Takamine Kougen for 70 mins. and get off the last stop.
Winter is welcomed and sent off by a snowmobile more than ASAMA 2000 ski area, 15 minutes.
Car Parking No
Remarks for transport information During the winter period (21st november - 20th april), regular vehicles are unable to reach the inn. During this time, stop at 'Asama 2000 ski ground' (Asama ni-sen sukii-jou) and a snow tractor can take guests on a 15 minute journey to the inn (a timetable is available). From 21st april vehicles will be able to reach the inn as normal.
A scheduled bus operates everyday at the times specified below:

JR Nagano Shinkansen Sakudaira Station (start) --> Komoro Station --> Takamine Onsen (last stop)
AM : 8:35 --> 8:52 --> 9:35
PM : 13:17 --> 13:45 --> 14:28
Building Wooden building.  2-storey
Guestroom with outdoor bath En suite guestroom Guestroom with rest room Guestroom without rest room Total number of guestrooms
0 rooms 0 rooms 23 rooms 0 rooms 23 rooms
Elevator Air conditioning Heater Restroom Washlet
Yes No Yes Western Style Yes
Disabled facilities Guestrooms Wheelchair Restroom
No  Yes 1 No 
Shampoo / conditioner Shower gel / soap Hair dryer Toothbrush / Toothpaste
No No Yes Yes
Bath towel Yukata(Bathrobe) TV Razor
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remarks on facilities In order to help environmental conservation efforts, instead of providing body soap, shampoo and other toiletries, we offer a special, pure 'sousei' water that can clean and remove dirt, oil and even make-up, which we encourage our guests to use.
None of our guestrooms have private bathroom facilities.
You can use Wi− Fi at inside of the building

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