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An open-air bath overlooking the Yarigadake Mountains

Shinhodaka Onsen Yarimikan

587 Kansaka, Okuhida-Onsengo, Takayama-shi, Gifu 506-1421

HITOU - Japan Association of secluded Hot Spring Inns
Yarimikan attracts the mountain lovers. From Takayama, it takes 1½ hours by bus. It lives as one of the inns lined up along the river in Shinhodaka Onsen village. This place was once called Yarimi Onsen and has been well loved by generations of mountain climbers and guests who use hot spas for remedial therapy. Yarimi, loosely meaning 'Seeing the spear' is named after the sharp peak of Mt. Yarigatake, across from the deep valley that engulfs the Kamada River. Without quite knowing how, you can tell that the atmosphere of days gone by still floats in the air, which makes it very easy to feel an intimacy between yourself and the inn, and be comfortable within it's space. The outdoor bath makes use of the bedrock by the riverside, and you can bathe in its tranquil waters while admiring the views of the 'spear' of Mt. Yarigatake and the solemn magnificence of the Hodaka mountain range. Near to the inn is the Shinhodaka cable car station, which will take you to the entrance of Mt. Nishi-Hodaka (2156m). From there you will have a clear view of the proud and dominant figures of Mt. Shakujou, Kasagadake, Yari, and Hodaka. Visiting Dokuhyou at Nishi-Hodaka can be done comfortably in a day.
Information about Onsen
Bath Indoor baths Open air baths
2 7
Amount of hot spring in use (Litter/min.) 500
Tempreture of hot spring source 63degrees
Additional water, Heating hot spring tempreture, Cooling hot spring tempreture No adjustment
Elements of Onsen (Hot spring) Simple spring (containing less than one thousand ppm of dissolved minerals)
Providing style of Onsen (Hot spring) Continuous flow from source
Remarks on Onsen (Hot spring) information

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