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A cultured inn from the Edo era, with a spa effective against eye disease

Kaikake Onsen Kaikake Onsen

686 Mitsumata, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata 949-6211

HITOU - Japan Association of secluded Hot Spring Inns
This is certainly a 'Hitou' hidden inn, but comparatively it is easy to get here. It takes 80 minutes taking the Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa, and from the front of that station, takes for 20 minutes towards Mikuni Pass (Mikuni Touge) and you will arrive at the entrance of Kaikake Onsen. You will be introduced to the refreshing scenery of the Kiyotsu River and Mt. Yagio, surrounded by a forest of pine trees. The fresh green foliage that surrounds us leaves us feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. Over the bridge, you will be able to see Kaikake inn, with the Katsusa River running nearby. Only one building stands here, a relatively neat and trim inn, bright and dynamic, yet with a heavy and humid atmosphere of antiquity and tradition, faintly reminding us of the traditional importance of onsen as a means of remedial therapy. It is said that Kenshin Uesugi, who was a famous military commander often soaked in this spa with his soldiers to relieve his stress and fatigue. The views of the early morning with birds singing beyond the mist, and the sunsets are equally beautiful. This spa is said to be beneficial for cataracts, and this inn often hosts long stay visitors. Finaly, the carefully prepared dishes and the warm and homely hospitality creates a wonderful stay at this peaceful inn.
Information about Onsen
Bath Indoor baths Open air baths
4 3
Amount of hot spring in use (Litter/min.) 360
Tempreture of hot spring source 36.8degrees
Additional water, Heating hot spring tempreture, Cooling hot spring tempreture Some of the water is heated
Elements of Onsen (Hot spring) Sodium and calcium chloride spring.
Providing style of Onsen (Hot spring) Continuous flow from source. The source of the spring is heated, as well as being heated in the bathtub.
Remarks on Onsen (Hot spring) information Our onsen have over 700 years of history since the Japanese Kamakura era.
Since the Edo period, documents and writings have refered to this area as 'the eye onsen'.
From the Showa period, this onsen was promoted as a medicinal aid for eye ailments.
Two different baths - one directly connected to the source, as well as the heated bath - are both 37 degrees (roughly about the same temperature as amniotic fluid)
The solitary inn of Okuyuzawa has an open-air bath situated in the heart of nature.

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