How can you enjoy the onsen even more
1. 'Kaburi Yu'   - The fundamentals of onsen bathing
'Kaburi Yu', pouring spring water over your head and neck before bathing, slowly expands capillary vessels, prevents cerebral anaemia and helps improve circulation around the joints.
2. 'Utase Yu' (Waterfall shower)   - to help pain and stiffness in the shoulders,back
Fresh spring water falls from above like a waterfall, which can fall, gently splashing onto parts of your body such as the neck or shoulders. This can also be called 'Anma Yu' (Massage shower), effective for loosening and releasing tension from your muscles, and increasing circulation.
3. 'Neyu' (Water spa)   - warming your whole body.
'Neyu' is the type of bathing that involves lying down in a shallow bathtub. Rather than the general method of sitting in deeper water, without putting any burden on your body, even for those people with relatively weak physical strength can bathe peacefully in this type of bath.
4. Steam bath   - the potential to bathe and relax for longer.
This method uses the steam of an onsen. This functions well as a sauna, placing your body in the middle of a room full of steam (Steam bath), or perhaps only exposing your face (Steam box), while taking in all the beneficial active ingredients of the spring to work on your body.
5. Sitting bath, Foot bath   - take plenty of time and relax.
These baths allow you to soak the lower parts of your body, from the waist down. Depending on the temperature and water pressure of the hot spring, these baths can substantially improve blood circulation and sensitivity to cold. It is also safer to bathe for longer in these 'section-specific' baths.
6. Ambulatory bath   - to stimulate autonomic nerves.
A bath with a knee-high depth, at its deepest in the middle, intended for walking around in. Stimulation in the feet results in improved circulation. This kind of bath is effective for people suffering from sensitivity to cold, insomnia, and an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.
7. Half body bathing   - before full body bathing
This involves bathing in a bath where the water level reaches up to your chest. Because, depending on the temperature and water pressure of the hot spring, this type of bath can relieve tension or burden from the heart and lungs, it is recommend to sample this before taking a full body bath.
8. Exercise bath
A pool of hot spring water where you can perform exercise routines. Exercise baths can be effectively used as full body baths and vice versa.
Holidays at HITOU Onsen with variety of enjoyment
In addition to using onsen to improve your health and wellbeing, during a stay at one of our secluded Japanese onsen resorts you can admire the sights and sounds that nature has to offer, and enjoy activities like hiking, walking and climbing. A trip to one of these inns can effectively refresh and re-energise your body and mind.
The inns that are part of the The Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns, all over Japan are dotted with luscious and beautiful natural areas. The healing effect that nature possesses can be a powerful force, and should be the perfect assistant to help you unwind, heal your heart and mind, and enjoy a wonderful experience.
So when you visit Japan, make sure you visit a 'Hitou' onsen.
Holidays at HITOU Onsen
Touji(Hot spa cure), an effective ways to increase self-healing power
'Toji' in Japanese literally means 'Hot Spa Cure'. Onsen are actively used as places for rest, recuperation and treatment. Recently, onsen have even been recommended as a method of medicinal treatment, or rehabilitation, but since many years ago, Japanese people spent a number of days at onsen for different reasons other than sightseeing and going on vacation, and bathing in the baths on offer was the main part of their stay. This is essentially for the purpose of increasing a person's self-healing power. Surrounded by an infinite expanse of nature, soaking at leisure in the onsen baths can generally improve and restore your health, even healing eyesight, and heart conditions amongst other things, and has even by recognised by modern medical science.
The Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns has a number of inns that take great care to preserve what remains of the 'Toji' culture and its atmosphere.
Touji(Hot spa cure)
Insen (Drinking hot spring water), a direct method to absorb hotspring into organs
Drinking fresh, natural onsen water, allows the medicinal ingredients to reach deep into the body, and has been a popular hot spring treatment in Europe since the 16th Century. In contrast with onsen minerals being absorbed into the body through bathing, drinking the spring water allows it to work directly on the body's organs, and regular drinking of spring water is said to have a positive effect for gastrointestinal disorders, liver conditions, constipation amongst other things.
Insen (Drinking hot spring water)
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