The hot spring secrets of the deep mountains
Inns in the heart of the mountains can be quite inconvenient. In winter, the traffic lessens because of the heavy snow, and for a long time it was hard to keep food, store food,
and make food last for a long time. Sometimes
we thought we should give up trying to maintain
our inns and start to run urban hotels in the city.
However ,for a long time, thinking about
the guests of our inns, and our ancestors,
We couldn't make the decision to leave
or build a new one.
Some guests say "Don't knock it down ",
some guests say "Build a new one".
One day we think one thing, and another day we think something else, all the time while the hotel is living and breathing as usual. We have come to feel that even a blade of grass, or a piece of stone can become connected to those who encounter them. We have gone to great pains to preserve the natural environment and the old traditions until this day. ...Because of these special qualities, a renaissance has occurred and more visitors have been appreciating our traditional way of life. Keeping these old traditions has become our way of life.
We give thanks to all who appreciate together with us. In these rustic inns, soaking in a wooden old spa, talking by the fireside and eating fresh mountain vegetables picked that very morning by the owners with delicious Japanese Sake are idyllic ways to relax. We try to do our best to keep our inns and their customs for our valued visitors.
When our guests leave our Inns to go back to the real world, we wonder if they made it safely back through the melted snow, and the winding mountain roads, to the national highway. As we wonder, we continue talking about our mountain life - a life frozen in time - with other curious urban customers.
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