HITOU - Japan Association of secluded Hot Spring Inns
Soothing the heart of the traveller: Warm baths and warm people

We believe that now is the time where people are beginning to long for the natural
beauty, the traditional scenery, the ancient villages of Japan.
Seeking and searching for something that shouldn't change, and shouldn't be forgotten
- something that does not succumb to the rise and fall of fashion. As we reflect on the many thoughts
and emotions that reside in the hearts of those who travel, we wonder how exactly should guests
be welcomed by the inns and their hosts, and how should the surroundings of the inns
and their natural spas continue to exist.
'Soothing the heart of the traveller: Warms baths and warm people' is the eternal philosophy
of the Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns, and we recognize it as our duty to protect
and conserve these national treasures, knowing that we are supported and loved by fellow travellers
and the inns affiliated with us.

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