These are the terms and conditions concerning the reservation services of stay offered at the public website for the HITOU - Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns ( (hereafter referred to as "this site") are submitted by the Asahi Travel Agency, Hitou Association, an intermediate company, Japan and affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as "this association" or "we"). Please read the terms of use for the inn reservation service, other regulations provided on this site, guidelines (hereafter referred to collectively as "the agreement"), and registered members (hereafter referred to as 'net members') are eligible to use and receive these services only when they agree to these rules and conditions.
(1)Terms of Use
  • Users should agree with all of the conditions listed below.
  • As a pre-requisite, a suitable environment should be set up to use this site (computer, communication equipment, software, e-mail address etc.)
  • Please comply with general manners, morals and standard etiquette when using the internet.
(2)Definition of the accommodation reservation service
The accommodation reservation service is a procedure, based on a stipulation of the travel industry (part of pre-arranged travel agreement), that, acting as an intermediary, this association carries out, or part of a procedure that an agent (hereafter referred to as an 'arrangement agent') may undertake in cooperation with affiliated member's inns (hereafter referred to as 'accommodation establishments').
(3)Accommodation reservation service terms of use
  • Net members should read the content of the agreement carefully, and should only use the service on this site if net members consent to the terms of the agreement.
  • The services available to net members are limited to making reservations, cancellations and alterations of bookings with the member's inns offered on this site.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the accommodation establishments to organise and schedule reservations according to their own calendar and availability. This association has no participation or responsibility of reservation arrangements.
  • Registration and use of this site is offered free of charge.
  • Accommodation fees should be paid directly to the respective inn. Taxes and service charges etc. are managed by the accommodation establishments and any queries or clarification should be made during the reservation process.
  • The contents of the booking details and rates, in addition to the terms and conditions defined in this agreement (and other related information) issued and presented to all net members by a dedicated committee have been established as a result of travel industry stipulations (part of pre-arranged travel agreements) and travel industry conditions (generally referred to as the 'travel industry agreement').
  • Information referring to accommodation details and schedules on this site are posted and maintained by the respective inns or agents. This association cannot guarantee that all information is authentic, correct or complete. Conditions and charges unique to the accommodation vary between the various inn's presented on this site, and information concerning room reservation details, vacancies and travel charges (accommodation rates) are updated by the accommodation establishments, or concerned third parties. This association does not guarantee that the details presented on this site are the best value for money for net members.
(4)Accommodation reservation system arrangements
  • When net members make a reservation using this site, the reservation arrangements are determined by, and may differ between each accommodation establishment. When net members make a reservation or request a quotation, the information is registered to the system data of this website, generating a reservation number which will then be produced on the net members personal page. Furthermore, if, on a net member's personal page, either of the notices: "Awaiting confirmation of reservation" or "Reservation has not been successful" are displayed, then the booking has not been successful.
  • Travel agreements are to comply with the terms and conditions in effect at the time of reservation. A condition of the establishment of a travel agreement is that this association will act as an intermediary to ensure the arrangements of the accommodation establishment, responding to the respective details of a reservation, are prepared.
  • Net members should request confirmation that their reservation has been accepted and finalised whenever using this service. Additionally, the site operates a facility that issues a confirmation email to a net member's registered email address, containing the details of the finalised and confirmed reservation. We advise that this email should be printed out, and presented to the inn concerned upon arrival.
(5)Accommodation reservation system cancellations and alterations
  • Based on the following agreement, when a contract has been created between a net member and the accommodation establishment, this acts as an understanding that the net member has agreed that they have accepted responsibility to check and understand the appropriate cancellation fees. Before you change or cancel, please confirm any business agent fees, alteration charges, and/or cancellation fees as are defined on the details of the travel reservation.
  • Based on the contract between the arrangement agency and the accommodation establishment, net members can request to cancel all or part of the reservation, including the itinerary, travel service or any other contents. The procedure for alterations and cancellations are, as a general rule, only approved when made from this site, provided that it is within the period of validity. If changes are made to a reservation after the period of validity, contact must be made directly with the inn concerned or arrangement agent. In this situation, we do not take responsibility for any damage or disruption caused to net members if direct contact is not made.
(6)Notes on the use of our service
  • Reservation and purchasing of products: our site does not offer any sort of special privileges (priority reservations etc). Reservations may also be made by telephone, at service counters etc. As a result, reservations and the purchasing of merchandise may not be possible due to no vacancies or lack of stock.
  • Depending on the situation, it may be necessary for the association and/or concerned service providers to make contact with net members around the time of site registration by using any of the following methods: e-mail, address, or telephone number. The procedure for contacting members will be determined by the association and concerned service providers.
  • Certain information/announcements for the attention of net members from the association may be published on our website, by e-mail, or by any alternative method that the association finds to be suitable. When communication is made by e-mail from this association to web members, it will be sent to members' registered e-mail address, and we shall consider the notice received when the e-mail arrives at the end server of the recipients e-mail address. Net members have a duty to check the e-mail notices we may send as soon as possible.
(7)Prohibited Acts
The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this site.
  • Any acts that may infringe upon the rights to the usage of ones likeness, intellectual property rights, copyright, or personal privacy of the association or third parties.
  • Any acts that may damage the reputation of, or lose credibility of the association and any third parties, or acts that provoke discomfort, disadvantage or inflict damage on this association and any respective third parties.
  • Any acts that transfer a net member's rights over to a third party.
  • Criminal acts or acts that are (or may be) connected to criminal activities.
  • Acts that involve the use of false information.
  • Acts that damage the business activities of the association and/or its third parties, or infringe upon the personal use policies of the site, such as for commercial gain, business purposes, or the intention of diverting business to this site, as well as bulk reservations, or the registration of false information.
  • Acts that allow and/or offer illegal access to the site, or harmful programming (eg. computer viruses, hacking etc.) to the servers and computers of our website.
  • Other acts that violate the regulations of the site, net members terms, or guidelines, as well as any acts that the association judges to be unsuitable.
  • Other acts that violate, or may potentially pose a danger to a user's national laws, public order and/or standards of decency.
(8)In the event of a violation of the regulations
In the event that this association finds or considers that a net member has violated any of our service's regulations, we may ban the use of that member's ID and password, or remove the information from our site without any prior notice. In this situation, the net member is completely deprived of their right to use the site, and will no longer be eligible to re-register for net membership. The association can claim compensation for any damage caused as a result of a violation by the net member concerned. The net member concerned must follow necessary procedures.
(9)Exemption clauses
  • The actions or effects of those who do not fall within the aforementioned "(1) Terms of use", even if they do satisfy the regulations within the "(1) Terms of use", may find that this service does not work correctly, as a result of a situation related to computer environment of net members (including any causes beyond the control of this association). We do not assume any responsibility for these circumstances and/or various influences.
  • We will email all reservation bookings, amendments and cancellations made by the net members, which shall be sent to the concerned member's last registered email address. The association assumes no responsibility for any damage or disruption that is caused as a result of a communication problem, such as the incorrect registration of mail addresses, mail server technical issues, and inaccessible e-mail.
(10)Treatment of Personal Information
To ensure that personal information is handled responsibly, we operate this website in accordance with our policy, the guidelines of which can be found in the net member agreement, at the following link, or on display at each inn's reception desk. Net members must agree with these terms.
Policy for the Protection of Personal Information - Asahi Travel Agency Ltd, Intermediate Corporation, HITOU - Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns Tel: (within Japan) 03-5777-6724
(11)Changes to the site service's, appearance, disruption of service, closure, or disappearance of data from this site and service
  • The association may, from time to time, make changes to the appearance of the site, or change the service offered on the site, as and when is considered appropriate. When such events arise, there may be the possibility of temporary or even long-term interruption for users. Only on the condition where the association can predict some level of disruption can we isnform net members, by making an announcement on the site or by e-mail.
  • This association always strives to ensure that the site is managed to its best efforts. However the association is not responsible for communication malfunction, hardware failures, difficulties, lost information, delays, misdirected information, transmissions, messages or entries, or the security or damage caused to user's system software and/or hardware. We do not assume any responsibility for damages caused by these or related problems or improper access to the site.
The aforementioned policies of this association may be amended and updated as required and without any prior notice. Following any changes, the updated version will apply.
(13)Property Rights
The intellectual property rights concerning all information on this site such as text (documents), pictures, moving images and audio are owned by this association. Personal, non-commercial use of this content is permitted. However, users and net members are strictly prohibited from the use, reproduction, duplication of material to the public, as well as selling, distributing, lending, translating, adapting, reprinting or reusing all or part of the information and services we offer. Any software that is available to use that makes use of the site's information and services (hereafter referred to as "software") is included in the property rights and business secret of the association, and guaranteed by the laws protecting intellectual property. The information and services published on this site are protected by copyright law, trademark law, and design law.
If a problem occurs between a net member and this association, both sides should try to cooperate in order to resolve the matter with sincerity and good faith. In the case of it being necessary to file for legal proceedings between net members and this association, the trial will be conducted at the Tokyo District Courts, as agreed under an exclusive jurisdiction agreement.
(15)Governing Law
Japanese law is applied as the law which governs this agreement.
(16)Effectuation of agreement
This agreement has been in effect since June 1, 2007.
  • Revised: February 1, 2010
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