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The official Website of the Japan Hitou Associoation (hereafter referred to as 'the/this site') is a site offered by the Asahi Travel Agency Ltd, and the HITOU - Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns Intermediate Corporation and affiliated companies. This site can be used to reserve accommodation online with inns affiliated with the HITOU - Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns. Please use this site to make an online reservation at any of our affiliated Hitou Inns around Japan.

Net Membership Registration | How to make a reservation with our inns

Changing the details of your stay | Canceling an inn reservation | Payment for accommodation

Net Membership Registration
Before making a reservation with one of our inns, you must first register in order to use the reservation service. (No registration charges and no annual fees). Once registered, users will be able to access all services available on the site. You can register by following the procedure below.
Net Membership Registration
Step 1
Step 1
Click the "Net Member Registration" button which can be found in the 'site menu' at the top of each page on the site.
Step 2
Step 2
When the Net Membership Registration page appears, read and review our user agreement, and terms and conditions. If you accept, select "Agree and continue registration".
Step 3
Step 3
The Net Member temporary registration form will appear on a separate window. Please enter your desired Username, Password, Email Address, and click "Confirm".


  • You cannot use usernames/email addresses which have been previously registered by other Net Members.
  • Make sure your email addresses has been entered correctly, as it will be used to send confirmation of your Net membership, and important information about any bookings you make.
Step 4
Step 4
The final confirmation screen for the initial stage of Net Membership registration will appear.
Before your registration can be completed, please confirm your details, and click on "Register".
If you want to change any of the information entered, click "Return" which will take you back to the initial information form. Make any necessary adjustments and corrections and click "Register".
Step 5
Step 5
When you see the message "Your Net Membership Temporary Registration has been accepted" on the screen, the initial stage of Registration has been successful.

At this moment, Net Membership registration has not been completed yet.

Step 6
Step 6

Proceed to the Net Membership registration confirmation.

If you entered your email address correctly, you should receive an email acknowledging the initial stage of New Membership registration.
Clicking on the URL found in the email will take you to the Net Membership registration confirmation page.


If the Email of acknowledgment has not arrived or you are experiencing problems reaching the 'registration confirmation' page provided in the URL, please consult the help pages in the "Net Member Registration" section of the site.

Or Click here to access the help pages

Step 7
Step 7
When the Net Membership registration confirmation appears, input the requested information in the form and click "Confirm".


The information you input here is important for when you use the site's services. Please make sure to enter accurate information.
Step 8
Step 8
You will be taken to the final confirmation screen of your Net Membership registration.
Please confirm the information you entered, and push the "Registration" button.
If you want to change any of the information entered, click "Return" which will take you back to the previous form. Make any necessary adjustments and corrections and click "Register".
Step 9
Step 9
When you see the message "Registration Successful",
the process will have been completed and you will have registered successfully with the site.
Confirmation of your Net Membership registration will be sent to the email address you entered during the first stage of the registration procedure. This will confirm your registration with the site. Please follow and abide by the terms of service of the HITOU - Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns Website and the use of our services.
How to make a reservation with our inns.
Step 1
Step 1
At the bottom of the home page or reservation introduction page, use the search facility to search for an inn.

[Search by inn name or keywords]

  • Please input a specific inn's name (rough spellings are accepted), or keywords related to a particular onsen area in Japan.
  • You can input up to three search keywords.
  • You can search only for inns that can be reserved online.

[Search plans by date or criteria]

  • Use this search option to make a reservation on a preferred date or dates.
  • You can search only for inns that can be reserved online.

[Search by area]

  • Use this search option to find inns in a particular area of Japan. You can choose from within three areas.
  • Inns which fall within the areas selected will appear in the query.
  • You can search only for inns that can be reserved online.
Step 2
Step 2
The results of your search will be displayed.
Please click on one of the menu options next to the inn you wish to make a reservation with from the search results.
(The displayed page will be different depending on which option you click from each menu.)
  • "Inn name" ->Refer to step 3
  • "Ryokan's information/ Reservation" ->Refer to step 3
  • "View this inn's accommodation plans" ->Refer to step 4
  • If a 'recommended accommodation plan' appears, you may also click this option. ->Refer to step 5


If there is no accommodation plan available for an inn, the menu options will appear as "Inn details", and "View this inn's accommodation plans (0 plans)" .
If an inn only opens for half the year, accommodation plans may not appear on the website depending on the season.
Furthermore, some inns cannot accept reservations through this site as they has do not have sufficient technology or internet capabilities in their remote locations to handle our system. Please understand we will make all efforts to make all accommodation plans available to book.
Step 3
Step 3
Details of the inn will be displayed.
Initially, the 'inn introduction', 'transportation information' and 'facilities' will appear on the screen. Select "View accomodation plans" which will show you a list of available plans. When an inn has no accomodation plans available, there will be no information displayed.
Step 4
Step 4
Available accomodation plans appear.
Click your preferred accomodation plan or click "Plan details / Make a reservation".
Step 5
Step 5
The application page for the selected accomodation plan will appear.
Select the desired dates you wish to make your reservation for on the calendar.

This site uses a 'Real-time reservation' system.

To find out more about our reservation systems, please refer to the 'About the Accommodation Reservation Procedure' section on the help page.

Go to the Help Page

[The following is an explanation regarding the contents of the reservation calendar]

[Upper section]

  • This shows the average accommodation charge per adult (Consumption tax and Onsen tax included) for the selected plan. Charges may change depending on certain conditions, therefore it is important to confirm the final price on the confirmation screen.

[Middle section]

  • The available number of people per guestroom

[Lower section]

  • Either the symbol "OK" or "a number"
    These markers indicate the real-time vacancy status for the selected inn and the dates chosen ("OK" means that there are limited vacancies available / "a number" will indicate how many rooms are available at the time of booking)
  • A "-" symbol means
    that unfortunately you are unable to make a reservation for the inn on this site.
  • "Day off (Closed)" means
    that the inn will be closed on that particular date and you will be unable to make a reservation for that particular time.
Step 6
Step 6
You will be prompted to login using your Net Membership details. Enter your username and password and click the 'login' button.
If you have logged in earlier, the login screen will not appear. Please continue on to step 7.
Step 7
Step 7
Your selected plan and related details will appear.
Select your intended date of stay, expected check in time, number of rooms requested, and number of guests.
Please provide a telephone number that can be used to contact in case of an emergency, ideally on the date of your arrival to the inn or the date before. (If you are unable to provide a telephone number, please leave this field blank.)
If you have any specific requests/special diet requirements that the inn needs to be informed about, please enter this in the 'More details' field in no more than 400 words.
When you have entered all the details, click "Confirm".

If the number of guests required cannot be selected for a particular plan, you will be unable to book that plan.

Step 8
Step 8
A final confirmation of your reservation will be displayed.

Your reservation will not have been confirmed yet.

Review the details of your reservation, and click "Submit".
If you need to change any of the information, click "Return" which will take you back to the information entry form, and select "Submit" after you have made your amendments.
Step 9
Step 9
Confirmation of your reservation will appear on your screen.
Confirmation of your reservation will also be sent to your registered email address.
You can confirm the details of the reservation via your "Net Membership User Page".
You will receive an email with the subject line "Confirmation of Inn Reservation".

[How to contact the inn after you have made a reservation]

When contacting the inn you are staying with, to make enquiries or to ask for any requests, please contact them directly using the telephone number that is written on the reservation confirmation email.
When you make a reservation using this site, all enquiries and details are sent to the inn instantly by whatever means possible (Email, Fax etc. - with the exception of potential disruptions to technology/services.)
Changing the details of your stay

It is possible to change an existing reservation for the following situations from your "Net Member User Page"

  • To shorten your length of stay (limited to a decrease from the original length of stay)
  • To reduce the number of reserved rooms (limited to a decrease from the original number of rooms requested)
  • To decrease the number of guests (if two nights or more have been booked, the decrease in number of guests can only be changed for the entire duration of stay)

You are unable to change the following conditions for existing reservations from your "Net Member User Page". These reservations must be cancelled. Once cancelled, you can make a new reservation.

  • To change the inn
  • To change your requested accommodation plan
  • If you have booked three or more consecutive nights and wish to cancel a part of your stay. Or if you wish to change the number of guests for only a part of your stay
  • If you have only booked one night and wish to change that date.
  • To prolong your length of stay
  • To increase the number of reserved rooms
  • To increase the number of guests
The date up to which changes can be made to reservations on your 'Net Member User Page' varies with each inn. Once that date has passed, it is impossible to make any changes to a reservation or cancel your reservation using this site. If you still wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact the inn directly using the details found in your reservation confirmation email.
Canceling an inn reservation
If for some reason you have to cancel your reservation with an inn, follow the cancellation procedure found on your "Net Member User Page"
Because of the nature and technology of this site, you are unable to cancel reservations on the same day as the intended date of arrival.
Please contact the inn directly if you wish to cancel a reservation if it is near or on the intended date of arrival/check-in.

[Conditions of cancellation]

  • You may incur a cancellation fee based on cancellation rules and conditions.
  • Please refer to your "Confirmation of Inn Reservation" or "Reference of Inn Reservation" email for details on cancellation rules and conditions.
  • If you are liable to pay a cancellation fee, you may be required to pay the inn directly.
  • Once the reservation has been cancelled, if you wish to make another reservation, you must restart the reservation application procedure.

['No show' Cancellation]

If you 'cancel' your reservation without contacting the inn/do not turn up to the inn on your expected date of arrival, your Net Membership will be suspended.
Once your membership has been suspended, you will be unable to reregister.
Payment for accommodation

[Payment for accommodation]

Please pay all accommodation charges at the inn. To avoid any misunderstanding of payment details, we recommend guests bring copies of their "Confirmation of Inn Reservation" or " Reference of Inn reservation" email with them to the inn.
Net Membership Login

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