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 Listed below are commonly asked questions concerning room reservations and functions of our website. If you have any questions, please refer to this page first.
Net member registration
Q1.Are net members charged a registration fee?
No fee is required to register to be a Hitou Net member, nor are there any usage or maintenance charges. Our service is free for all users.
Q2.How do you register to be a net member?
Registration can only be made on one's own behalf - you may not register as another person or persons. In order to confirm that member identity is accurate, users will initially make a temporary registration, which will then become a confirmed registration. Details of the registration process can be found on our "How to use this website" page, follow the steps on the page to complete the procedure. Make sure not to delete your registration acknowledgment and confirmation which will be sent to you by email after registering. unable to register.
When registering, 'temporary registration' and 'confirmed registration' procedures may be affected by your computer configuration. Beforehand, please refer to the "How to use this website" page, following the guidance on the screen. If you are still unable to register, check that your Internet browser and operating system have been setup correctly, and are functioning properly. Also, please be sure not to delete any post registration information emails that you may receive, as they may contain useful information and advice.
Q4.I have not received my 'temporary registration acknowledgment' email, and I cannot continue to the registration confirmation page.
Please confirm the following things:
  • That there are no mistakes in the email address you enter during your temporary registration.

    Please try again, by entering the correct email address. However, you will be unable to use the same username that was used in your previous registration attempt. Take great care to ensure that your email address has been entered correctly.
  • There may be occasional problems with the sending and receiving of information by email during temporary registration, as a result of server problems, or ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues.

    If you feel you are having problems receiving mail, try to test your email service's ability to send and receive, and if you experience any problems, please contact your provider.
  • Check that your registration acknowledgement email has not been moved to your Junk or Trash folder.

    Emails can automatically be directed to your Junk or Trash folder as a result of your email provider's security, or your computer's security software. In these circumstances, please confirm the setup of your email and computer environment.
  • Check that your email inbox has not exceeded its allocated memory space.

    Please delete other emails in order to free up space necessary to receive new mail. We recommend that you should get in touch with your email provider or security providers should you have any queries or questions about your mailbox setup.
Q5.I haven't received a 'registration confirmation' email after the final registration procedure.
Please read and confirm that you have addressed the aforementioned points 2, 3 and 4 of [Q4].
Q6.Even if I click on the URL written in the temporary net member registration email I received, I can't access the final registration confirmation screen.
There are two measures devised to deal with the problem:

1st method:

  • Click on the URL with your right mouse button. When the menu appears, select the 'copy link' option.
  • Start up your Internet browser, click the right mouse button on the address bar, and select the 'paste' option. The URL link from your email should appear in your address bar. Push the enter key on your keyboard.

2nd method:

If you are unable to solve the problem using the first method, there is a possibility that the configuration of your internet browser's character code is different, or the URL to the final registration screen is broken up into more than one line - if this is the case, check the following:

  • drag and select all URLs (http//:~) written on the e-mail using your mouse and click the right mouse button. Select 'copy link' in the menu.
  • In the Windows OS environment, click the 'Start' button (lower left hand side of the screen), move the cursor to "All programs" or "Programs".
  • Move the mouse cursor to "Accessories" and click on the application "Notepad". For Mac OS users, use the program "TextEdit" found in the "Applications" folder on your computer.
  • Once Notepad has loaded, on the window, click the right mouse button, and select "paste" in the menu. This should paste the URL links from your email.*When the URL's have been pasted into Notepad, modify all the URLs that are not already as one line, all after http//:~, and copy the URL.
  • Drag and select all of the pasted URL in Notepad once again and click the right mouse button, choosing "copy" from the menu.
  • Start up your Internet browser again, click the right mouse button over the address bar and choose "paste" from the menu. Push the enter key after pasting.
Q7.What should I do if I delete the temporary net member registration acknowledgement email?
It is impossible to continue to the next stage of the registration procedure to become a net member, if you do not have access to the URL that is contained within the email sent to you after your initial temporary registration. If the email has been deleted, you must reregister your information again.
Q8.Parts of the temporary registration acknowledgement email are unintelligible.
As our organization is originally in Japanese, sometimes our communication or language settings may accidentally become confused. If this occurs, you can reconfirm your preferences by going to your personal net member 'user page', and register your preferred language (English).
Cancellation of, and alterations to net membership information.
Q1.How can I change my email address?
Login to your net member personal page, and follow the instructions and steps on the screen to change your email address.
* When changing your email address, make sure the address is correct and without any mistakes. If the address is incorrect, you will not receive acknowledgement of the change by email, nor will you receive further information related to the Hitou organisation/website.
Q2.How do I change my net membership details?
Login to your net member personal page, and follow the instructions on the screen to change your details.
Q3.What do I do if I forget my username and password?
Click the "Forgotten username or password" link at the bottom of the net member login screen. Submit your email address and registered date of birth, and providing those details are correct, your username and password will be sent to your registered mail address.
Q4.I can't login to my net member personal page.
  • Check that you have entered the correct username and password registered with this website.
  • Make sure that you have entered your details correctly - all usernames and passwords use half-width (latin standard) lower case letters.
Q5.Can I change my username and/or password?
It is possible to change your password by logging into your personal page, however you cannot change your username.
Q6.How do I cancel my net membership
If you wish to cancel your Hitou net membership, login to the net member 'personal page'. and click the "Withdraw membership" button. Write your reason(s) for cancelation and click the submit button. * * Once you submit your request, the cancelation will be made final. This means that you will not be able to undo the procedure. If you wish to make use of the net member service again, you must register again. In this instance, you will be unable to re-register with your original username.
Using our online reservation system
Q1.How to make a reservation using our website. When can I make a reservation?
Our website operates 24 hours a day, all year round, allowing guests to make reservations at a time that is most convenient to you.
Q2.When is the reservation confirmed?

[Regarding the time it can take to confirm reservations]

  • When we receive a reservation, the details will be sent to the main server of the site. A reservation number will then be issued, which will be sent in an email to acknowledge your reservation.
  • When you receive an acknowledgement email, this will act as confirmation that your reservation has been successfully arranged.

Even if, for various reasons, you have not received a confirmation email, Net members can still check the status of their reservation by logging into their personal page and their reservation status (associated with the appropriate issued reservation number) will display 'Reservation confirmed' if successful.

Q3.How late can you make a reservation before your intended stay? And is it possible to make a reservation for the same day?
The cutoff point for accepting online reservations varies with each inn. As a general rule, the earliest date listed on each inn's vacancy timetable is the earliest date that reservations will be accepted (provided vacancies are available). Please refer to each inn's schedule for more details. It is not possible to make a reservation online on the same day that guests wish to stay.
Q4.How many guests and how many rooms can be booked in one reservation?
You can request to reserve a maximum of 10 rooms and up to 10 people in one reservation. However, the actual maximum limit of rooms and people that can be accommodated for, may actually vary from inn to inn according to their respective plans.
Q5.What is the maximum number of days a room can be reserved for?
You can book up to three nights stay at any inn. However, if one of the consecutive nights fall on a day with no vacancies, or an inn's designated holiday, you will be unable to book consecutive nights.
Q6.Is it possible to make a reservation using the name of a person who is not the registered net member?
In principle, the registered person should be the same person who makes the reservation, as net membership is an essential requirement for using our service. The net member whose account was used to make the reservation must at least be one member of the booking.
Q7.When my reservation has been confirmed, should I bring a copy of the confirmation email with me to the inn?
To avoid any misunderstanding of the reservation arrangements, package or price etc., we recommend that you print out and take with you a copy of your confirmation email and the details of your reservation (which can be found on the net member personal page).
Q8.Will I receive a phone call or a letter with confirmation after I place my reservation?
As soon as you make a reservation on this site, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email by our system. Essentially you will not receive any contact from inns, however please be aware that there may be rare occasions where the inn you made a booking with may have to contact you.
Q9.After making my reservation, when I rang up the inn to confirm, they were not aware of my booking.
Once you have submitted your reservation, the information is usually sent to the relevant inn from our computer system in real time (i.e. near immediately). Occasionally, there may be a delay in how quickly the information reaches the inn. If you contact the inn shortly after making a reservation or enquiry, please inform them of when you made your booking.
Q10.If I make a reservation for a consecutive number of days, is it possible to book more than one accommodation plan over the different days?
You can only choose one accommodation plan per booking. If you wish to stay for a number of days at the same inn, yet stay with different plans, you will need to make separate reservations for each different plan.
Confirmation, alteration and cancellation of reservations.
Q1.How can I confirm the details of my reservation?
You can confirm at anytime by going to your net member personal page.
Q2.What should I do if I don't receive a confirmation email?
From the time you submit your reservation, our system will automatically send a confirmation email to your registered email address. Even if for some reason you do not receive an email, you can confirm your reservation status on your net member personal page on the Hitou website.
If you believe you are unable to receive correspondence from us by email, please check that your registered mail address is correct and up to date (this can be done on your personal page). If you cannot send and receive any mail, please confirm that you have enough empty space in your mailbox, or get in touch with your mail service provider. If you use, or forward your mail to an inbox on your mobile phone, you may be unable to receive our mail without the appropriate technology or configuration.
Q3.I would like to change details of my reservation.
It is possible to change the details of your reservation by going to your net member personal page. After you have logged in, click "change my reservation" and select the relevant reservation.

[What changes can be made to existing reservations?]

Users can only change reservations to account for [1] fewer people (in your party) [2] a shorter stay (less nights) and/or [3] fewer rooms (provided that the adjustments still agree with the criteria and conditions of your selected accommodation plan). We accept no other changes other than the one mentioned here. If you need to change other details, you should cancel your reservation, and try to submit another booking.

[How long does it take to acknowledge and adjust the changes to a reservation?]

The duration of time it can take to adjust reservations varies from inn to inn (and the selected accommodation plans). If the deadline for making changes to a reservation has passed, you will be unable to make any alterations through the website, and will have to contact the inn directly.
Q4.Cancellation procedure
It is possible to cancel reservations on your Net member personal page. After logging in, you will see details of your current reservations listed on your screen. Click "Cancel my reservation" by the particular reservation you wish to cancel, and follow the instructions.
Q5.If I try to cancel after the authorised cancellation deadline, what can I do?
It is not possible to cancel a reservation on our website after the authorised cancellation period. You must contact the inn directly if you still wish to cancel. *Please by aware that you may be charged a cancellation penalty.
Q6.Will I be charged a cancellation fee?
If you cancel a booking, you may incur a fee based on the site's cancellation regulations. Please refer to the cancellation regulations found at the bottom of the details of each accommodation plan page. The cancellation fee must be paid directly to the inn concerned.
Accommodation fees and payment methods
Q1.About accommodation fees.
The site displays an average accommodation fee per adult per night (including consumption tax and spa tax) on each inn's vacancy calendar and for each staying plan. (The average accommodation charge shown on the calendar may be different to the final amount, according to the number of people in your booking.)
Q2.Are there any additional charges?
Depending on each inn, there may be additional charges and services applied to your final total. Make sure you confirm the total amount, and the final details of your booking in detail.
Q3.What about pricing for children?
Pricing for children is divided in to the following categories:
  • Elementary school students *under 12 years old
  • Preschool child A (bed and meal) *under 7 years old
  • Preschool child B (no bed, but with meal)
  • Preschool child C (bed but with no meal)
  • Preschool child D (requires no bed or meal)
Charges for children vary depending on each inn. For further information, please confirm pricing details on the respective inn's booking page, or contact the inn directly.
Q4.How can I pay for accommodation?
We request that you pay for your accommodation when you arrive at your inn. To avoid any misunderstanding, we recommend that you print out and bring your confirmation email with you, or a print-out of your accommodation reservation details.
Q5.How much will it be to stay for a period of consecutive nights?
The amount shown on the inns' vacancy calendar is their average accommodation fee per adult per night (consumption tax and spa tax included). If you would like to stay for a consecutive number of days, simply add up the prices of the dates you wish to stay for, shown on the calendar. Also, the total amount will be calculated and presented to you with any additional charges in your confirmation email after you have placed your final reservation.
Q1.Some pages do not display properly.
If any pages on our website do not display properly, it may be that your internet browser, or computer environment is not compatible with the Hitou website. Please confirm that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of your internet browser and any required plugins.
Q2.I thought I had logged in to the site, but whenever I move to another page, the login screen appears again.
If the login page keeps appearing after you have logged in to your 'net member personal page' or to make a reservation, your internet browser may not be configured to accept cookies, or may be set up to deny cookies specifically from the Hitou website. Confirm that your browser accepts cookies from our website by going to your Internet browser settings.
Q3.Do you offer any technical support?
We recommend that you first refer to our 'How to use this website' information page, followed by our help page. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, you can send an email to our 'Hitou Web Reservation Centre' (Hitou Web Yoyaku Centre) the address of which can be found on your registration confirmation email. When sending an enquiry by email, please write your username, registered first and last name, telephone number and your question(s), or a detailed account of your problem.
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